About Dr Daneshtalab

دکتر دانش طلب

This site by the number of general surgeons with expertise in the field of general surgery diffrencediverse abilities including GI - neck - Cardiovascular Disease - Thyroid - breast - the genitourinary system - February chest - limbs. - and tomor and cancer ... science in treating disease. turned completely new. including laparoscopic and laser surgery, surgeons use and laser therapy team to create better experiences for patients of a surgeon's ability simultaneously., which naturally would have been so much better for the patient.
Dear patients and also the use of the scientific content of blogs, can disease to talk about doing the surgery they need to take authentication information.
Meanwhile, all the operations, whether traditional or open technique both with laparoscopic or package or by laser in the cities of Rafsanjan Moradi Hospital and the Hospital of Ali ibn Abi Talib at Tehran's 7 to 8 hospitals equipped to perform and deliver, and the patient's around Iran to use this service can contact the department to coordinate.

The good health of your loved ones ... (doctor daneshtalab)